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Mobile Fleet Management

Ayudar mobile fleet management

Mobile communications are an essential part of any organisation’s telecoms infrastructure and Ayudar’s dedicated business mobile team can advise on every aspect of your mobile resource.


By choosing Ayudar Mobile to supply your business mobiles, you’ll be working with an independent telecommunications partner. You can trust us to provide solutions tailored to your needs, without worrying that our decisions are being influenced by our links to specific manufacturers or networks.


Mobile telephony is an expensive overhead for businesses. We find the most cost-effective tariff according to your geographic usage, call volumes and team size. Our mobile management service also includes a full audit of your current mobile contracts and practices to identify inefficiencies such as unused handsets and plans that don’t meet your needs. We also manage repair and maintenance of your handsets, which can often be a considerable expense in its own right.


Our technical team is always on hand to deal with network issues, repairs and losses to minimise the impact on your business communications. Ayudar Mobile takes a proactive approach to contract renewal, taking time to review your usage and make sure you are still on the best deal.

Ayudar Mobile is a dedicated division within Ayudar that specialises in mobile procurement, management and maintenance. Our service relieves companies of the burden of ensuring mobile telecoms issues are resolved quickly, faulty handsets are replaced and downtime is kept to a minimum. 

To find out more about Ayudar please contact our team. To discuss your organisation’s specific mobile telecoms requirements please call us on 01223 370 118.