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Smartphone Recycling.

Helping you to reach your sustainability goals

Helping you to address your carbon footprint

In recent years, the tech industry has come under fire for its contribution to the Climate Emergency. Labelled as a major contributor to our carbon footprint, now is the time to consider what happens to our smart devices once they reach the end of their lifespan. Afterall, greenhouse gas emissions from the tech sector could contribute to over 14% by 2040 according to a study from Canada’s McMaster University, and with 3.3bn smartphones worldwide the scale of the problem is clear.

At Ayudar, we understand your concerns around security. Business smartphones can have a huge source of confidential and sensitive data stored within their confines, that you can’t be certain has been deleted by a full reset.

We have solved this dilemma, so that you can be certain your sensitive business information has been securely removed from your smart devices and reach your sustainability goals.

Security conscious methods to keep your data safe

We can assist with:

  • Security Wipe
  • Cash or charity

Security Wipe: We’ll ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of previous users is protected by ensuring all devices undergo a rigorous process to wipe data in its entirety from the smart device. Any identifying information is physically removed, alongside sim cards which are securely destroyed. Ayudar will issue you with a data cleansing certification for peace of mind.

Cash or charity: You will be offered a cash sum for the device. Alternatively, you can choose to donate unwanted to obsolete handsets to charity through our recycling scheme. Ayudar offers this as a complimentary service, enabling you to meet your sustainability objectives in an easy and accessible way.


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