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Smartphone Recycling

Secure Smartphone Recycling

Traffic, single use plastic and the meat industry have all come under the spotlight for their contribution to the Climate Emergency but the impact of the tech industry is less talked about. However, a new study has pointed the finger at the smartphone as one of the major contributors to our carbon footprint.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the tech sector (computers, phones and gadgets as well as data centres and other infrastructure) could contribute over 14% by 2040 according to a study from Canada’s McMaster University.  When you consider that there are now 3.3bn smartphones worldwide, the scale of the problem and the need for responsible disposal of unwanted mobiles becomes clear.

Most of a phone’s carbon footprint comes from the energy used in production. In fact, this accounts for up to 95% of the annual carbon footprint because the manufacturing processes and mining for metals used in production are energy intensive.

Currently, less than 1% of smartphones are recycled which is a huge missed opportunity for businesses and individuals who want to be more sustainable.

So what’s stopping businesses from recycling their smartphones?

One big reason is data. Users and businesses are understandably concerned that there may be sensitive data stored within the phone that they can’t be certain has been deleted by a full reset.

Ayudar has solved this dilemma so that businesses can be sustainable and secure.

Security Wipe – We ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of previous users is protected by putting all devices go through a rigorous process to wipe data completely.  Customer asset labelling is physically removed from the devices and any sim cards are removed and securely destroyed. Clients are issued with a data cleansing certification.

Cash or charity – You will be offered a cash sum for the device, or you can donate unwanted or obsolete handsets to charity through our recycling scheme. This is a complimentary service by Ayudar that enables our business customers meet their sustainability objectives.

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