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Outsourced Telecoms Manager.

Support when you need it, with no commitments

Growing services for a growing business

As your business grows, you may require varying levels of support. You could hire an in-house Telecoms Manager, but this requires you to deal with the red tape and commitment of employment. An annual salary, benefits and training; and that’s all after finding the right person for the job, interviewing and negotiating!

By utilising an Outsourced Telecoms Manager with Ayudar, you can save time, money and effort by paying an expert only for the time and services you need. 

As your virtual telecoms manager, we can help with:

  • Detailed review of third-party contracts
  • Recovery of overpayments
  • Negotiation of new contracts with existing suppliers
  • Procurement of telecoms services
  • Technical support

Adaptable and dependable

Alongside this, you can also scale the support you need up and down depending on your business. Ayudar can adapt to your changing needs and include strategic planning of your systems to ensure telecoms are designed to expand with your business.

Service Highlights:
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