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Recover up to £100,000 in historical billing errors

“We have recovered over £2 million for clients across a range of industries in historical billing errors.”

Over £2 million recovered…

With our forensic attention to detail, Ayudar can help your business recover on average up to £100,000 in historical billing errors.

We can provide you with cost recovery options as well as a baseline to ensure future ‘best price’.

We will:

  • Analyse all IT, telephony and network charges such as fixed line, hardware/equipment, mobile phones, private circuits, virtual private circuits and WAN, hosting, contact and data centre rates
  • Audit existing supplier arrangements, including actual charges against contracted rates
  • Review IT, telephony and network services for misuse or fraud
  • Benchmark current charges against market best and assist in negotiation for the best rates available
  • Establish whether any equipment is redundant and ensure the correct maintenance charges are applied.


Easy-to-understand and supported the whole way

We present the findings back to you in an easy-to-understand report, including next step recommendations so you can make informed decisions on your IT strategy. We also assist with the recovery of funds to ensure you receive exactly the amount you are entitled to.

Service Highlights:
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