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Telecoms Audit for Global Healthcare Company

The challenge

The client is a $657bn healthcare company based in the United States but operating worldwide.

Ayudar was recommended to them by another global business after we completed a pan-European telecoms audit for them.

The client believed that they may be being overcharged by several telecoms providers but did not have the specialist knowledge to assess the billing. We were commissioned to carry out a recovery audit across the fixed and mobile estate.

The Response

The contracts and billing were requested from the healthcare company. It soon became apparent that the organisation was dealing with many local BT franchises rather than BT corporate. This resulted in:

We took the unusual step of working directly with BT Corporate to clear the overcharging problems.

These included:

BT was not the sole source of billing errors. Another telecoms provider was clearly overcharging for calls and had been doing so for three years. They responded to our investigation by telling us that they only kept records for 6 months. Thanks to our good relationship with Ofcom we were able to access specialist telecoms lawyers and work with them to supply audit data and agree a settlement of 75% of the disputed account.

The mobile contract was also audited with some minor error identified.

The Result

The result of our work has been a claim for £96,000 which was paid back within 2 months.

In addition, we consolidated all of the BT services under BT Corporate with a new contract. The previous terms that had been signed with some of the local office meant that consolidation on BT was the only option at this stage. With this new contract and other changes, the healthcare company’s annual bill will be reduced by £72,000 per year.

This project is still ongoing and the projected recoveries are well in excess of £100k. There are many other benefits from the project including:

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