International Gaming Organisation (IGO).

Contact Centre Design and Management

The Challenge

The IGO in this case operates a vast contact centre in the Far East. The organisation needed an experienced telecoms specialist to design and optimise every element of the call centre and monitor costs overtime to maintain efficiency.


The Response

With contact centre technology advancing rapidly and the challenges involved in managing such a significant and complex site, Ayudar’s expertise in managing international and multi-lingual sites has been invaluable.

Our objective was to optimise process flows by implementing the most appropriate technology. Our approach to this contact centre design project involved understanding the nature of the contact going through the centre and analysing customer behaviour.


The Result

By implementing tools such as CTI CLI capture for personalisation and prioritisation and live dashboard views we were able to design a productive and responsive contact centre. Enterprise IP Telephony and Workforce Management Optimisation created a state of the art call centre with quality management benchmarks built in. Ongoing measurement, reporting and maintenance ensures the contact centre is always performing at optimum levels and that upgrades are automatically introduced to support growth and change as the centre evolves.

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